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  • Each piece of Century Pearl is backed by a Certificate of Authenticity, which certifies that the gemstones and metals used in your jewelry are authentic and of the quality advertised. (They are GRS, EGL, AIGS)
  • Note: The Certificate of Authenticity is optional for customers. If you want a certificate, you need to pay for it. If you suspect that there is any quality problem after you receive your order, you may go to the local international authoritative authentication institutions to get a verification report. if our products are fake and shoddy goods, we will compensate to you in accordance with international laws.
  • Certificate:
    GRS certificate query official website: http://www.gemresearch.ch
    EGL certificate query official website: http://www.eglusa.com
    AIGS certificate query official website: http://www.aigsthailand.com