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 About Us:

  • FashionVipShop a member of China Diamond Exchange Center (Shanghai Diamond Exchange) and is established in 2011. The company started the global online sales in 2015.
  • Over the past decades, the company has achieved continuous growth thus leading to its current scale. Moreover, the company has accumulated a rich experience of the jewelry industry.
  • FashionVipShop mainly engaged in the wholesale of fancy color gemstones and globally recognized high-end non-fluorescent 3EX diamonds with international certificates etc, the size of the diamonds we sell range from 0.002ct to 10cts . 
  • Adding further as per to the design and manufacture process, the company has established its own mosaic factory — “Century Luxury-EX ERA MOSAIC JEWELRY DESIGN CO.LTD” inShanghai, the topflight market in china. Nevertheless, the company is always very keen on improving our products thus catering to the market trends & satisfaction for all its customers. At the same time, it has also undertaken world-famous major brands OME business and after-sales service inChina, as well as developing its domestic designs and production.
  • Welcome to FashionVipShop community and we look forward to creating your vision.